A conference about
thinking different

November 1–2, 2016
Killarney, Ireland

Úll is a conference for people who build and love great products. We focus on great product stories, presented through an Apple-shaped lens. We treat the conference itself as a product: with a deep emphasis on the attendee experience.

Úll 2016 will explore that very Apple-y of ideas: thinking different.

We will hear stories from a selection of folks about what thinking different means to them, and we’ll learn more about ourselves and the world of building great products from a series of interactive features. As ever, we hope to come away having made some great new friends, and bringing a fresh outlook to our lives and to our work.

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Home again, home again, jiggidy jig

Úll returns in 2016 to The Europe. This is a multi-award winning hotel and resort with stunning views overlooking Lough Leane. Situated in Killarney, in the kingdom of Kerry, in Ireland’s south west coast (which you may be familiar with from a certain recent Star Wars film). It’s the perfect place to reflect on the bigger picture, steeped in natural beauty.

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