Who We Are

Úll is organised by a small team from Dublin, Ireland.

The conference and company was founded by Paul and Dermot in 2012. Sasha joined in year two. Ben volunteered that year, and has been involved each year since.

Úll Conferences Limited is registered in Ireland, company registration number 535856

Sasha Wilson


Sasha is the "people-wrangler" at Tapadoo where she helps customers to ensure that they get the best out of the team, and she helps the Tapa-team to make sure they deliver great apps.

Sasha is integral to our efforts to improve diversity in both attendee and speaker selection, in addition to her role in making sure that pie-in-the-sky ideas become firmly rooted in objectively well-organised reality!

Paul Campbell


Paul is the founder of Tito, a web-application for selling tickets online. Paul ran Funconf for 3 years before starting Úll.

Paul guides the good ship Úll, pushing the team to challenge the status quo of what a conference can be. The end result is typically a pared down version of the grand mayhem originally envisioned by Mr. Campbell.

Dermot Daly


Dermot is the founder of Irish app-building company Tapadoo. He is a veteran of the Irish software industry, and a frequent sight a WWDC each year. Read: he was in the audience during the iPhone 3GS launch.

If Paul is volatile, Dermot is the self-styled stable of the Úll team. Dermot helps to refine the rough edges of crazy ideas into polished pieces of delight.

Ben McCarthy


Ben is the author of Obscura and Agile, in addition to being a very talented photographer.

Ben started out as a volunteer in 2013, quickly being elevated to official photographer for the past two years, and this year serving as creative director, standing on the shoulders of Kilbo and Workgroup née Conor & David.