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Storytellers — tap for details!

Kathy Campbell

A Stroke of Luck

In 2010, Kathy’s life changed dramatically when her husband, a stay-at-home dad to their daughter of almost 2, had a severe and debilitating stroke at age 27. The challenges and successes of redefining a life and finding a new, successful, and above all, happy normal.

Tammy Coron

All Roads Lead to Rome

While reaching our goals brings satisfaction, life happens in the twisted journeys we take to achieve them. It’s those that dare to take an unmarked path that explore the unknown and discover something new.

Dermot Casey

Morality of Software

From Harry Potter to Voldemort. A story of bits, bytes, morality and human frailty.

Katie Lips

Art Not Work Manifesto

A story / performance / call to arms about thinking different, going further, digging deeper, freeing ourselves to never ever stop at ‘delivery’, at ‘meeting a brief’; never being satisfied with just “doing work”.

Silvana Langley

Childhood Heroes

Take a journey of hero proportions as you rediscover your childhood heroes and find out how we can bring that spirit of adventure into our everyday lives.

Alexandra Cox

Manic Dependency

An exploration of mental health and what it means to think different when your brain is already wired to do so.


Nov 2nd


Special Features — tap for details!

Sally Shepard

Augmenting The Senses - Building Empathy For Accessibility

Your senses guide you on how to interact with the world, but what if you didn't have all of your senses? In this special feature, "try on" visual and auditory impairments, while performing tasks, creating art and learning how to use assistive technologies.

Conrad Stoll

Take It Outside

A photo illustrated experience of the outdoors and an exploration of how a relationship with the outdoors can enhance our technology-filled life and work.

Anna Wilson

Inclusive v Opinionated Design

A day long open conversation about the LGBT experience of making, using and navigating the apps and systems we all use.

Chadwick Severn

Apple Design Studio Escape Room

It turns out Apple has a top secret auxiliary design studio in Ireland, coincidentally located right here in an unmarked back room of The Europe. Once inside, can you find the prototypes and clues and solve the puzzles that will get you out before a security guard checks on the room in 15 minutes?

Crystal Yan

Bias Uncovered

A feature designed to challenge you to uncover your own cognitive biases and explore how understanding them can help us design for the behaviours we encounter every day.

Tara van Zyl

How irrational are your decisions?

In this interactive installation, discover what drives your decision making and how much your experiences really influence your choices.




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Nov 3rd


Wind Down Dinner

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