Úll takes place at the Europe Hotel and Resort in Killarney. This 5-Star facility boasts an award winning restaurant, and world-renowned spa. There are a number of options available to you for coming to Úll.

If you’d like to stay at The Europe, for all or part of the 4-nights, please see our ticket options.

For those on a budget

There's a Travel Inn located across the road, within walking distance of the Europe, and it’s another 5 minute walk to the Killarney International Hostel. If you want to stay a little away from the Europe and sample the townlife in Killarney, there's plenty of great hostels. Tripadvisor also has lots of options for the town of Killarney

Getting There

Whether you stay at the Europe Hotel, the nearby Travel Inn or in the area around Lough Leane, Úll 2016 is easily accessible from any of Ireland’s transport hubs. Plan your journey below.

We’ve also booked a train from Dublin (leaving Monday October 31st and returning Friday November 4th) — just add it to your ticket at checkout.



Dublin Airport is about a 30-minute bus ride or 20-minute taxi ride from the city centre. Rome2Rio provides route, time and ticketing options for a variety of modes of travel from Dublin to Killarney.


There are car rental outlets at Dublin Airport and also several a short distance from the city centre. The drive from Dublin to Killarney is approximately 4 hours.


Train service is available from Dublin’s Heuston Station. There are 5–7 trains per day and total journey time is about 3.5 hours. There is a platform change at Mallow for most trains. Book through the Irish Rail Website


There are a number of bus services available. For tickets/bookings, see here.



Cork is an international airport which serves many European hubs including London, Amsterdam, Munich and Paris.


There are car rental outlets at Cork Airport. The drive from Cork Airport to Killarney is approximately 1.5 hours.


The rail services also operate out of Cork City (not direct from the Airport) so take the 226 or 226A to Kent Station, and then take the train to Killarney. See Irish Rail for details. Trains to Killarney depart approximately every 2 hours, so plan accordingly. Timetables are available here (PDF) – check trains departing from Cork (Kent Station). The train journey lasts approximately 2 hours.


Take the 226 or 226A bus to Cork City Bus Station. From here take route 40 to Killarney. See Bus Éireann for details. Total journey time is around 2.5 hours.



Kerry Airport is less than 10 minutes’ walk to the train station which offers service to Killarney. Outside the main terminal is a bus stop with service to Killarney.


A taxi service is available from the airport. You may want to book your taxi by telephone before arriving. Kerry Airport is a small regional airport so booking is advised.

Below are the contact names and numbers for taxi services.

John Brosnan:

+353 87 2601474

& +353 66 7141184

Sean Casey:

+353 87 4188564

& +353 64 6636666

Dan Corcoran:

+353 87 2488757

Sean Herlihy:

+353 87 2963636

Con Moran:

+353 87 2538759

& +353 66 9764701

Gerard Savage:

+353 87 2354786

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