Alexandra Cox

Chicago, Illinois

Alex is a documentary filmaker, podcast host and Senior Producer at Cards Against Humanity. She loves cats and robots and is one half of Robism, a podcast about robots and feminism.

Dermot Casey

Dublin, Ireland

Dermot is a Venture Leader at NDRC, a startup accelerator. He describes this as somewhere between "a talent scout for technology" and  "a matchmaker". When he's not helping startups, you'll find him buried in blogs, papers and publications. He's a what you might call an infovore or an eater-of-books!

Kathy Campbell

Portland, Oregon

Kathy, also known as Chief Awesome Officer, runs her own business supporting entrepreneurs to grow theirs. She's developed her career around the realisation that she is happiest when she's helping others. She loves a good list and is the ultimate multi-tasker.

Katie Lips

Buckinghamshire, England

Katie is contemporary artist, digital strategist and entrepreneur. Having launched two mobile start-ups, her work challenges startup culture and causes people to question and reflect on the constant stream of so-called boundary pushing, groundbreaking and disruptive work.

Silvana Langley

Toronto, Canada

Silvana is a development manager with an active imagination and an appetite for adventure. She's likes Kung Fu, cycling with her family, volunteering for Rethink Breast Cancer and punk rock shows.

Tammy Coron

Lexington, Tennesee

Tammy is a born tech creative and coded her first programme at just five years old! She is a writer, musician, artist, podcaster, software engineer and founder of Just Write Code. She's also an organiser for Indie DevStock in Nashville. And she still finds time to ride motorcycles, shoot guns, drive trucks and hang out with her family on their farm.

Special Features

Sally Shepard

London, England

Sally is an IOS developer and accessibility consultant. She was previously Head of App Development at Dennis Publishing and has worked on apps that have been used in hospitals, galleries and named 'App of the Year' by Apple. Originally from Rhode Island, she enjoys hacking, playing the banjo and taking photos with her vintage camera.

Conrad Stoll

Austin, Texas

Conrad is a freelance sports photographer and an IOS developer for Mutual Mobile. He also designs and builds apps for Apple Watch. When he's not working, he's running, gaming, hiking in Colorado and New Mexico or eating, and tweeting about, tacos.

Anna Wilson

Dublin, Ireland

Anna has worked with HEAnet, the Irish Research & Education network, for over 20 years. During this time, she has acted as co-chair at RIPE, been heavily involved in GÉANT, and been a powerful voice on the experiences of the LGBT community in tech.

Chadwick Severn

Gloucestershire, England

Chadwick is web and app developer with flair for mischief and a very dry wit. He is the creator of NotesKey, an insanely exhaustive quick reference guide to Apple's keynotes. In his spare time, he likes drinking tea and blogging about what it's like to be a Canadian in England.

Crystal Yan

Washington, DC

Crystal is the Design Lead and Mobile Product Manager at FiscalNote. She's previously done stints at StackMob (acquired by PayPal), ACCION, Infosys in Bangalore and Standard Chartered Bank in Shanghai. She is a self-professed development policy geek and an avid traveller.

Tara van Zyl

Dublin, Ireland

Tara is the founder and CEO of Seamless and creator of iCostume, products designed dot help communication and design on tv and film sets. She spent 20 years as a costume designer and stylist, working on productions like Game of Thrones, Prometheus and The Boxer before making the leap to become a product designer and entrepreneur.

Special Guests

Jason Snell

Mill Valley, California

Jason has been part of the Úll family for the last two years. Former editor-in-chief of Macworld magazine, he worked with IDG for over 17 years. He's an expert on all things Apple and is your go-to for an in-depth look at announcements, new products and upcoming releases. Jason co-hosts the Clockwise podcast and is the founder of independent news site Six Colors.

Rene Ritchie

Montreal, Canada

Rene Ritchie needs no introduction. A regular tv and radio celebrity, Rene is editor-in-chief at iMore and editorial director at Mobile Nations. His reviews, features and how-tos go out to over 10 million readers every month. He co-hosts The Debug, Iterate, Vector and MacBreak and has authored several books on martial arts.

David Smith

Herndon, Virginia

David is an independent iOS developer based in Herndon, VA. He began developing apps for the iOS App Store as soon as it was announced in 2008. In that time he has experienced all the ups-and-downs of running an independent app software company. David co-hosts a weekly podcast with Marco Arment, called Under the Radar, discussing development-related topics.

Horace Dediu

Helsinki, Finland

Horace is an Úll veteran, having missed only one so far. He is a storyteller with a gift for extracting the most pertinent details. Horace brings a wealth of experience as an industry analyst. He is the founder of Asymco, an experiment in collaborative and peer reviewed analysis that encourages a more scientific analysis of technology. He hosts The Critical Path podcast and The Airshow World Tour.


Max Seelemann

Leizig, Germany

Max is a co-founder and lead developer at The Soulmen, makers of the award-winning writing app Ulysses. Max started programming when he was still in primary school, and he never stopped. His hobby turned into a passion and a business. When not working, he can be found with his kids and family, enjoying great food or traveling the world.

Stephen Coyle

Belfast, Ireland

Stephen is a composer, videographer and developer. He's currently completing a PhD in composition, and has had several pieces premiered in Europe this year so far. He is also the creator of Tapt, a music app for iOS, and co-director of a film production company, QuothMe.

Clay Smith

Porto, Portugal

Clay Smith is the founder and lead developer at Akita. Originally from the US, Clay became an Irish Citizen in 2013. For the last few years, he has been traveling the world, working on a startup and dreaming up ways to "creatively bootstrap" a business.

Matt Drozdzynski

London, England

Matt is the founder and CEO of Pilot, an online platform that connects startups with design and engineering talent all around the world. Matt is an avid traveller and a proponent of remote working and distributed company models.

Laura Savino

Seattle, Washington

Laura is an independent iOS developer, speaker and teacher. Her love of languages began at an early age and has played a significant role in igniting her passion for code. Laura previously built apps at Ubermind and, most recently, at Khan Academy where she used her coding super powers to help change the world of education.

Cian Walsh

Kinsale, Ireland

Cian is the founder of Marine User Experience. He has spent nearly 20 years in design, a good chunk of which was illustrating icons for the likes of Omni Group, Apple, Cisco and others. A love for the water and infuriation with current marine products led him to his current focus. To build products that are waterproof but not human proof.

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